HARDWARE-04152 Flatplate

Rigging Plates for the Flat Plate rigging. Our plates are drilled to fit #9 Copper Belt rivets. We are the only Company out there, who is taking time to design plates, not just copy what every one else has done over the years. Our plates are a a blend of unique items, like the drop center plate, the fuller tabs to rivet thru. We have made a latigo slot that is wide enough for a full width latigo, no more screwing around necking things down because that was the way somebody made a rigging plate back in 1915. You will enjoy the fact, that when it comes time to sew around our rigging plates..............hey, like a miracle, we thought about that and added for the foot width. A common sense approach by a fellow saddlemaker, making hardware that almost thinks for you.

Have you considered adding a package of these new HSBT-Decorative Headed Copper Rivets, well maybe today is the day you give them a try, they look great installed.

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