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Cattleman...........and a thrown, well how about good family friend and cowman and the rest is fluff. I built this chair for a good friend here in California and it brings together quite a few found objects from here on the ranch. The poor fella that ended up with the chair, is our affectionate friend " Uncle Leonard" as the kids have always known him. And Leonard leases a portion of the ranch where he runs a small group of mother cows. Leonard worked and retired from Cal-Trans, where , as we like to tease him he has the distinction of wearing out 2 shovel handles leaning on them for 35 years. This is our retirement gift to Leonard. The road that I live on is the OLD highway 198, and was abandoned by the State back in 1956 or so. In a few places the old 3" by 10" redwood mile markers were still embedded in the dirt if you spent time looking for them. So we found one, pulled one out with a chain and come along affair, and today that piece of redwood iswhat makes the back of this chair after it was resawn to clean it up. Now Leonard had a big die off in his herd about 4 years ago with some bad feed and terrible storm all at the same time. The cows that died, were buried in a hole that was dug. Some 4 years later, we got ahold of a few ribs and a couple of cannon bones from a front leg and sandblasted them to clean them up. The white dots down the chairs back are those pieces of bone after they were ground to fit and installed. The wood is a combination of mostly Juniper which smells real pretty when it burns................which is what Leo promises to do with this chair when he gets it home. And all the leg braces are sections of dead Manzanita from a small tree out by the spring. This is my first upholstered seat, we used 5 inch foam, brown chap for a cover, welted the corners behind the legs, and wrapped the entire edge in 6" twisted fringe Mocassin chap. The entire chair is done with round mortises and peged holes, fastened with type 88 epoxy. I think it should last a while all things given. This might be the first chair that I was able to get a good slope on with the back, I managed to get 15 degrees of slope so its more relaxed when you sit in it. Hope you enjoy it.

Handmade by Jeremiah for a very close friend of my kids. She happens to be the only teenager who ever walked into my shop and said WOW Mr. Watt thats pretty cool, if you ever have spare time you could make me something. SO, I did,

I have been collecting up red willow from down along the creek for some years now, and had it drying in the barn, after a good soapy washing with a brillo pad it was ready to go and be put to use. The fellow who lives on a ranch up above me is inundated with this species of tree we call a Monkey Fist, its as hard to get rid of as "tree-huggers" along the coast line. Anyways, we cut a bunch of Monkey Fist and peeled it then painted the ends and stood it in the barn to dry.

NO more excuses, its time to get something built and this little bench is the perfect project. Its 48" on seat width and 38" tall at the very back top ridge line. The leather seat and back cushion are done in a burgundy aniline dyed upholstery hide so it would match sticks and Epoxy??? What EPOXY, well the Monkey Fist really splits as it dries, so before we go too work with it, we mix epoxy and red pigment in a color that matched the seat and sticks. We then spread the epoxy in the cracks, and leave some excess to sand off later after it dries. We made a pattern on the front face of the legs and back top rail just as an accent to the bench lines. We hope you have enjoyed this little split from saddle making images.

Christmas, it always forces a guy like me to build something, and this was a project for my most loving wife, Colleen. Like I told her, thank goodness my other 4 wives are not as demanding. Our living room is festooned with boxes and apple-crates as seats so this is a welcome addition.

I was after a project that would allow me to learn how to insert the red willow sticks, and wanted to do the rest in pinned round mortises. I used mostly Monkey Fist sticks for construction, with only a few pieces of Juniper thrown in for added shape etc. Monkey Fist trees are way to strait to ever be POLITICIANS.

We done the leather cusions in a saddle colored Water Buffalo , foam with 8 bags of Dacron fill over top of that. Learned alot..........for instance I have a renewed respect for how comfortable a card board box is, and did I mention discardable! Merry Christmas Mom

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