Jeremiah operates the all custom side of our saddle making business. You can order any thing you desire, no such a thing as to fancy around here. Call Jeremiah for details at 559-935-2172 and he will be glad to visit with you.

JEREMIAH WATT, says hello and thank you for taking time to look over the site. You know I do feel Blessed to have the following that I do, with a little over a 3 year backlog of orders. I know that it is the customer who forms the back-log and I want to say thanks for their continued support and enthusiasm for our work. It is the resounding voices of my past customers that keeps us in a constant state of back-log, and so again I say THANKS

GOOD WORK :it is our shops good work ethic and artistic ability that keeps us in good favor with our customers, past, present, and future. Of course I am talking directly in regards to my own order book for custom saddles with my name and my labor in them. But I tell you that the same attention to details and workmanship is what drives our Watt Brothers Saddles.

CUSTOMER INSIGHT :Over the years I have been blessed by a following of customers with great insight and knowledge in the various equine disciplines that we work within, Ropers, Rieners, Cutters and work-a-day Cowboys. Of course we all have to start at some place along this learning trail we find ourselves on, but whom we meet and whom we get help from can play a large part in regards to our success in the end. Horsemen, develop a mind for horses not only there daily behaviour but in the unique conformational traits that enable a horse to carry a man on horse back and still perform to their athletic best. These are the most important attributes that a horse brings with it, and we as horsemen need pay special attention to them.

THE SADDLERS PLACE :amongst all of this is not to fit the misfit so to speak. But rather I see my place as enabling the gifted to perform at yet another level. Many folks believe in the articles written, that a shop like my own gets a reputation from fitting the impossible to fit with a handmade tree. That simply is not the truth, and only dissapointment can follow if that is where you have pigeon holed a shop like my own. You see, the intent and best application of a shop like my own is in making saddles that fit the good horse better than he has ever been fit before. Thereby enabling him to perform, longer, better, at another level that as of yet has not been seen.

YOU MAY BETTER UNDERSTAND now where I feel my shop belongs and the reason for its existance. We remain commited to the horsemen who can discern quality, appreciate artistry, and understand thier role in ultimate success in this joint venture.


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