HSBT-Fancy Dividers

If Michelangelo or Leonardo DaVinky had a wish list , I'll bet these dividers were on it. Here you have 6" of pure artistry to use and look at, hand polished, surgical grade Stainless Steel. These will be the talk of the tool party,next time you see your leather working friends. HSBT, did not stop at just making the dividers pertty, no they didn't. Take a close look, and you will see that this pair of dividers comes with a set screw locking mechanisim, enabling you to set the tool and go on with out having to worry that somehow it has changed. Or simply unlock by using the small allen wrench we provide and you can set to a new width quickly and precisely.

6 inch Michelangelo Dividers, this is the new benchmark in tool making.
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