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You can learn the art of floral carving, or hone your skills as a saddle maker with our educational DVD series- *Click here to see selection*

Hand bevelers, we make them in five sizes and 2 face styles. Sizes are as follows

  • H51-largest smooth face-approx 5/16th width
  • H41 smooth faced
  • H31 medium size smooth face
  • H21 most common size tool bought in smooth face
  • H11 our smallest smooth tool-approx 3/32 width.
  • What we have shown here is the smooth faced version, and we also do the Checkered face pattern. If you want the more popular chekered face tools then order as below
  • H52 Largest checked face beveller approx 5/16th wide
  • H42 Checkered face tool
  • H32 Medium size checkered face tool
  • H22 most commonly bought checkered face tool
  • H12 smallest checkered face tool approx 3/32 width
  • YES, I know I should have an image of the checkered face tools here...........just relax because I dont.
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    Longshaders come in 5 sizes, and 3 face patterns, These tools are used to impart depth and shade in floral stamping. The face patterns are:

  • 1.Smooth Face size A51 longest 1.125 length, A41, A31, A21, A11 at 3/8 length-most commonly ordered style
  • 2. Cross Line sizes A52-largest at 1.125 length, A42, A32, A12 smallest at 3/8 length
  • 5. Long Line- size A55 largest 1,125 length, A45, A35,A25, A15 smallest at 3/8 length second most commonly style sold

    When ordering please specify size and face pattern in the notes section of the order. Our numbers are listed below each tool. The first number represents the size of the tool with the second number is the style of face pattern. For example a A31 would be a Size 3 in the Smooth Long shader number 1 style.

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    Thumbprints are the wide faced shaders used to shade those larger portions of a floral design. They come in 5 sizes, 3 face patterns.

  • 1. Smooth Face
  • 2. Long Lined
  • 3. Cross Line

    PLEASE NOTE- We do a Cross Checked Shader for some folks-only comes in Size 1 and Size 2. If you want to order them you will have to specify this within the NOTES section of your order as you you go thru placing the order.

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    Here is our version of a classic tool used widely in floral decorative work, such as stems , leaf edges, edges of buds etc. Comes in the sunburst design which is also used as a simple but very effective border stamp. We make 5 sizes and only 1 face pattern on this tool.

    Traditional Sunburst Tool sizes are D52-largest approx 3/4 wide, D42, D32 most commonly sold, D22, D12 smallest at approx 1/4 wide

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    NOt exactly interchangeable in terms, but often are during discussions on tooling. These tools are used extensively on buds and leaves to impart character, on stems to give the impression of a waved edge. You will use them every where once you own them. These tools will add perceived depth and character to the work. Come in the following designs

  • 1. Smooth Face sized E51 largest at 1.150 width, E41, E31 medium size commonly sold, E21, E11 smallest

  • 2. Vertical Lines on face- E52 largest at 1.150 width approx, E42, E32 commonly sold, E22, E12 smallest

  • 3. Vertical with Scallops sizes E53 the largest 1.150 width approx, E43, E33 most commonly sold, E23, E13 our smallest at 3/8 wide approx.

    Please specify the design and size desired of the tool in the notes to your order.


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    Petal Shaders, are a must when adding detail to those flower petals that we carve. This tool adds delicate lines that run from the flower center out towards the edges of the petals. And you will find that with a little imagination, they can be used in many other places as well, such as the tips of petals under the turnbacks or in place of a cam along stem edges.

    The largest tool shown on the left is L16 approx 7/8th length, then L15, and smallest is L14 approx 1/2 long.
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    I think its fair and accurate to say that Don King was the man who originated this tool design. And since then all of us whom make tools have been making a copy of that tool. The beauty of this tool, is that by picking up just one tool you can do the beveleing down both sides of the center leaf vien. Plus it adds the actual shading out a little further onto the leaf than other such tools, if that is what you desire as a carver

    This tool also gives us that shading that we want down each side of the vien in a leaf center. Its just a different method of getting to the same place. I will admit, this tool is a little more difficult to run because we need to tip the tool just slightly so that the corners of the tool do not print. On larger patterns, I actually like this tool better than others made for the job, such as the Sheridan Leaf Beveler...............but thats just ME!

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