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A page for flowers and flower centers

This is our version of what many have called a Hamley Daisy. Its basically a 5 petal wild rose flower, made in 3 sizes and makes a classic pattern.
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Here is our 4 petal styled flower for your selection. Since this design has dividers between the petals it also imparts a lot of color and character when its used. All sizes mentioned are approximate, these tools are all hand made and no two are exact.
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A third flower pattern for you to choose from, adds lots of color and detail to your stamping patterns, or your block&rose patterns.
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Our oldest flower patten, can be used in every other impression of a block stamp pattern, or as a standalone item, even in the smaller sizes as a flower center.
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There are a lot of folks who want to learn more about the leather trades, and that is why we produced these DVD's to accomplish exactly that. We have sold many of them, and the feedback is always very positive. We have subjects from learning engraving, to the art of layout. We invite you to take a look, there may be something of interest to you.

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