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We have the very best educational DVD,s available on Flower Carving and saddle making, as well as engraving and Bit Making

These are not really a NEW TOOL, I have been making them for better than 12 years now. I just have not offered them to the public prior to this. I make 2 sizes, a small and a large. For those of ytou making mostly saddles, I suggest the LARGE, for the wallet and day planner crowd try the small. Its a great little tool, gives your carving a unique and fresh look, I think you will like it.
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The best tool made for shading those hard to shade Pansies or PANZY as we call them. The rippled shadsers do a great job on the Panzy, as well as buds, and leaves. Be creative and you will find many places to apply this tool. As shown here, we make two sizes, SMALL and LARGE.

You can follow this link to read Jeremiahs BLOG post about this tool*Shading Panzies-CLICK HERE*
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