HSBT-Stamp Tools-Speed


These tools are designed to allow the carver to execute with one hit, what can take many hits. For the carver who has a deadline, or a daily quota, then these tools really help.

Rosebuds or Rosehips as they are sometimes called, can be tedious to cut and carve. This tool replicates each rosebud at one exact size. Mix the tools used with regard to size, and repetativeness is not as easily seen. This tool cuts and bevels all at one time.

We have called these Texas Acorns which translates to Texas Akerns if you live down "that'a ways". We see more of these long style acorn nuts being carves by Texas Carvers. We make 3 sizes of this tool, it cuts and bevels all at the one time.
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Shorter, fatter acorns, quite like you see carved on older California carving patterns. So, we have called these 3 sizes of California Acorns.
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