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These are two new items for JWP, and folks have really given us some enthusiastic feedback. Because of this excitement, we have added them to the regular offerings and they are priced out below. We appreciate the wise council of our customers .

MANY CUSTOMERS, have been asking for a good quality CURB STRAP, follow this link *Click Here* to look at our new Single Buckle Curbs


This bit is can be combined with any mouthpiece shown on the mouthpiece page. Simply look at the mouthpiece page and then come back and choose your mouthpiece numbered under the cheek piece you desire.

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This second cheek design is based on the popular "7" cheek, longer in length, total length is 8 inches. This handsome swept back cheek is very showy. Available in your choice of mouthpiece with or without cricket.

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This cheek piece is very similar to the AC100 but dressed up with some nicely place stainless beads. We have extended the total cheek length to 6.5 inches. Available with all mouthpieces with or without a cricket.

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This cheek is referred to as the "Santa Barbara" as it's design derives from the classic Santa Barbara bits of old. Comes complete with slobber bar. Total cheek length is 7 1/4 inches. This AC#400 has been modified slightly to make it look even more refined and is still very popular.

You know what, I really would like to get a new curbstrap with this bit, *CLICK HERE*
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This is our California Oakleaf and Acorn design. On this bit the rein loops are solid. Total cheek length is 7.5 inches. This bit is shown with the LSLW mouthpiece. Nice light bit!

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This cheek is based on the "Las Cruces" design which is very popular with California and Great Basin Buckaroos. This version is 8 inches in length, ornately decorated made of polished stainless steel. The Halfbreed mouthpiece is very popular with this cheek style. You can now order your AC-600 with the concho cover over the mouth joint, simply choose that option in the pricing box below.

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This bit has a nice swept back cheek piece. Total length of AC#700 is 7 inches.

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This cheek design is been described as unique by many and no where will you find it duplicated. This bit feels very responsive in the hand, lightweight and you will just love it. Total length is 7 inches. Available with all mouthpieces with or without a cricket.

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The Freno cheek is 7 5/8th long and offers the customer a great feel with thier horse. We have long been building this cheek style with silver mountings on it, and it has been a very popular cheek. We hope you enjoy this new cheek, combine it with all our new mouths, including many new Spades.

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is a nice gentle sloped bit. Goes with any mouthpiece. Base price is listed as below but may change with choice of mouthpiece. Please specify in notes.

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this cheek style is a little longer than some of our cheeks, measureing 7 and 7/8th long. Again price may vary with choice of mouthpiece., and with addition of a Cheek Concho.

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The AC1200 CHEEK

Here is a fairly new cheek for JWP, and it has proven to be a very popular one at that. This is our longer version of the west coast favorite, the Santa Barbara Cheek. Shown here it measures 8" long, this offers a good feel and balance in the hand. You will see that we have now began offering the AC1200 with the additional concho, which covers over the place of the Star pattern. Folks have really like the differnt look with this NEW addition, we hope you will as well. Be sure to specify when ordering the bit, which version you want.
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Ivy Vine Cheek, which many folks know as the Nevada Cheek and we have oftern called it the Salinas Cheek- no matter the name, this single cheek style is one of the most popular among horsemen. The cheek has a delicate Ivy Vine pattern running down its 7.5" length. Try this cheek with a Half breed, Mona Lisa or Frog for a great feel and a great using bit.

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This is a cheek we designed by request from many of you whom have used our AC100. Many of you wanted the same cheek but with a solid rien loop on the bottom of it. So here it is, offering a little more feel in the hand due to a little more wieght, the cheeks are 6.75 long. Give it a try with some of the snaffle mouths or simpler low ports and we think you will like it.
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This is a brand new item, a Santa Barbara cheek which measures at 7 3/4" length. The biggest difference is that on this cheek we moved the mouth up towards the top ring so that the mouth moves slower. This is one of those cheeks that many horsemen will get along with because by design it is more forgiving. We combined the classic lines of the Santa Barbara with plenty of stainless beads and a Moorish Star as a focal point. Try this cheek with any of our SPADES or the #11,#16,#7 mouths for instance.
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