SOLD EACH-These are heavy wieght steel hangers, bent and formed to fit over a -JWP-5/32 diameter staple. They are made to accept the JWP-SPUR buttons that we sell. Sorry but we do not know if they fit other makes of spur buttons. They come clean and ready to install. Many of you have requested that we tighten up the bend on our hangers, and we have made a new die to strikew a cleaner crisper hanger.
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SOLD EACH-These are premium quality turned steel SPUR BUTTONS, these are made of a special rivet alloy steel that is durable and easy to hand hammer at the same time. The shoulders on the shank of each rivet are turned to the exact dimensions required to fit oiur hangers.
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Hanger Staples

SOLD EACH-Our JWP Hanger Staples, are made of 5/32 mild steel round rod. The hanger staples are priced each or by the pound box. The one pound box of staples will have approx 144 staples in it. The single price on Hanger Staples is .25 cents each, or you can purchase the pound box for a price of .156 cents each. I have shown the old staple and the new staple, and it shows the changes we have made to IMPROVE the staple as you have asked us to do. We hope you like it, give us a call if you want to place an order 559-935-2172
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SOLD EACH- These are the official JWP-Rowel Rivets used on OEM equipment. We have these items in both stainless and or mild steel depending on your need to blue the product. The heads are a nicely formed half round, leaving you with an attractive and strong riveted joint. The shank is 3/16th diameter and the shank length is 5/8th long. These rivets are designed to be easily set with a shop hammer or the best tool which is the HSBT Ball Pien Hammer. These items can be bought each singly, or in one pound boxes as you prefer.
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We will work from left to right across the picture and in vertical rows on the view above for sizing and descriptions

  • B20-2"dia-20 pt.
  • second row of rowels
  • A14-2" dia-14pt.
  • F14-1.5"dia-14pt
  • 3rd row from left side
  • G9-1.5"dia-9pt
  • D9-1.25" dia-9pt
  • I 9-1"dia-9pt
  • E9-7/8" dia-9pt
  • row on right hand side of view
  • C6-1.25" dia-6pt
  • H6- 1" dia- 6pt
  • NEW NEW-CL1 Clover Leaf Rowel 1" diameter
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    SOLD IN PAIRS-We are very excited about the NEW 14 point Old Time Rowels we are making. Many things have been changed as many of you have asked us for. We changed the end of each tyne so that it forms a full round end, very clean and classy rather like those old August Buermann's. Then we changed the thickness at the center, making it thicker than the original versions. You will notice we have dropped the largest size rowel, there are three sizes now. These rowels are made of a mid-carbon steel and should give you years of service if your horse back...........or about 2 weeks if ya's spend all day walking around looking for a horse.

  • #14175-SIZE- 14 POINT BY 1.75 INCH DIAMETER


  • #14125-SIZE-14 POINT BY 1.25 INCH DIAMETER
  • For those of you from Attelbourough, you will notice that the image has the largest rowel to the left side, and hence the largest rowel is priced first. If you find that you want ot ask a semi-live person a question, give us a call 559-935-2172 and we will do our best.

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    SOLD IN PAIRS -Old Time taper point Spur Rowels

  • #16250-2.250"dia-16 pt
  • #16200 -2" dia-16pt
  • #16175-1.75"dia-16pt
  • #16150- 1.5" dia- 16pt
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    SOLD IN PAIRS- 21 POINT TAPERED OLD TIME SPUR ROWELS Available in 4 sizes of rowel with 21 points, working from left to right above

  • #21250-2.5" dia-21pt
  • #21250- 2.25" dia- 21pt
  • #21200- 2" dia- 21pt
  • #21175- 1.75" dia- 21pt
  • Be sure you specify if you desire us to Blue the rowels, or just a nice polish and you will color the rowels as you prefer.
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    SOLD IN PAIRS- These rowels are heavier than the other rowels, those extra points add wieght. Made of mid carbon steel for years of good wear.

  • #30250-Size 30 point by 2.5 diameter

  • #30225-Size 30 point by 2.25 diameter

  • #30200-Size 30 point by 2.0 diameter
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    SOLD IN PAIRS- Our OPERA FAN rowels are striking and different from everything else out there today. We are producing these fantastic looking rowels in 2 sizes, the 2" diameter, and the 2.25" diameter. These rowels have a slight taper to them from center to edge, look good, sound good and are ready to ship. Thanks for watching our site, call us at 559-935-2172 if you have questions.
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    SOLD IN PAIRS -The stylish Card Suite Rowels in 2" size. These rowels look real sweet when they are in the spurs. They sound good, and ring at an Csharp..........so they sound good as well.
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    SOLD IN PAIRS COMPLETE BOB'S AND PINS - If your tired of those crappy Jingle Bobs that fall apart when you look at them..........never mind when your bust'in thru some brush. Then its time you replaced the "Weanie-Bob's" with these new brush buster jingle bobs that we make. Our pin has a shoulder, so they can be riveted in tight. Our swing ring is welded, not just some bent mustache that also unbends. And our rowel bangers have enough heft to ring a pair of dead rowels, and make our rowels sing like they are heaven sent. Okay, your right, thats a little wordy and lofty for simple things like JIngle Bobs.............but dang, these are nice ones that work.
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    SOLD EACH- Those hard to make little barrel shaped copper rollers for the top of spades, or other mouthpieces that you wish to have a roller in. These are turned in copper, LENGTH IS APPROX 5/8TH X 1/4 DIAMETER- nicely finished with a .095 hole thru the center so you can use a .090 axle made of stainless for years of use. The top roller can clearly be seen in this spade mouth image shown here. Order yours today, give us a call 559-935-2172.
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    SOLD EACH- COPPER SPADE BRACE ROLLERS -These are also a pain in the butt to make, and primary reason you dont see that many being used. We are making them, and selling them for your use on your next Spade bit. Ours are made of hardened copper, brite and shiny, and ready to install. Made with a thru hole, and of a size that will suit most makers, no joints nor overlaps to come apart on you, simply slide them on and you are done. It takes an average of 16 or more to do most spades. Give us a call, 559-935-2172 and we can visit with you about them.
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