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A series of handmade Wade saddles from our saddle shop. There are no shops that I know of that go as far as we at WBS go with the making of a fine saddle for our customers. We do a superb job of carving leather, we use only the very finest USA leathers, we use the very best stirrups on the market today. But then you say, there are many shops that do all of that. And you would be right in saying so. But tell me, how many shops do you know that carve as well as we do.............right. Not very many. And how about a tree shop on site to build those handmade saddle trees for EVERY order..............right, almost none do that. And finally we are the ONLY shop out there, who has gone to the extent of making there own design of saddle hardware so we could put the very best YOUR saddle. In the end it is you that matters the most at Watt Brothers Stock Saddle, and with Jeremiah Watt Custom Saddles. When that matters to you, give us a call at 559-935-2172, and Jeremiah or Colleen can take a few moments to visit with you on any of these matters.

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