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A handmade Ranch Roper saddle. Here is a handmade tree from our saddle tree shop, its the Ranch Roper tree. It has a 12.5" front and a low set horn so its out of the horseman's way while doing his patterns. This is a Watt Bros Saddle, with some Horse Shoe Brand Tools Saddle Hardware on it to dress it up just a little more.

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The saddle is done with our cutaway Riener Skirt, offereing plenty of feel with the leg, and still plenty of saddle skirt contact offering stability. This saddle features a full set of handmade string conchos and stirrup bolts, all made by Jeremiah.

A delicate balance of full basket stamped areas, along with a whimsical vine over the seat and fender areas. This saddle features a nice little inlaid pad for rider comfort. A Cheyenne Roll of 1.75" on a 3.5 tall cantle top of a very nice rig for the ranch or the arena use. If you think its time you had a saddle made jsut the way you always wanted then by all means give Jeremiah and or Colleen a call at 559-935-2172, someone will be glad to help.

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