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Here is a beautiful little Lite Ride Saddle that we built not very long ago. The beinnings of this Lite Ride adventure started as being more English looking than western..........but time and the dominance of the COWBOY LOOK have slowly had the saddle evolve into something very western today. Here is a saddle that has all the attributes of a full western saddle, including a tree that is Rawhide covered............and it only wieghs 26 or 27 pounds. Done on our own handmade saddle tree, a double rigged outfit, with 3" stirrups from Wilsons. This one is an attractive half breed configuration with great looking Oak Leaf and acorn carving. You might be looking at this new saddle right now and be thinking, what the heck isn't it my turn to have a nice new saddle..............we would be glad to take the call at 559-935-2172. The current waiting list on a Watt Brothers is sitting at about 8-10 months right now and a full custom is out about 2 years.

I am not sure I have ever taken a moment to say thanks to all of you whom we have done business with over the past many years, but without all of you I would not be here that is for sure.

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