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Handmade Non- Pro-Riener saddle from Jeremiah, built on our own tree design. Putting more bar against the horses back than any other tree of its type today. We are not known as a Riener Shop, but we work hard to incorporate those better ideas that have come out of hard use cowboying, and transpose those over into the modern day reiner saddle. We have a 12" front end, that sits oly 7.5 tall. The horn is barely 3" and only a 2.5" cap. The cantle is 3.25 tall, and the custoemr had us put one of those trendy 2.5" flat cheyenne rolls on it for him. The seat is double inlaid, which is new amongst this style saddle. The custoemr had us do a combination of basket and floral accent corners, we have left room in key locations for the addition of silver corner plates some time down the road...........when the Obama-nomony inproves. Take a close look at the new style conchos that we have come out with, they incorporate a screw center, so it is very easy to install a concho. There is a small pin on the bootm side which pierces the leather surface as the screw is tightened up. Each Concho has a small bar at the bottom for the attachment of full or partial saddle strings. There are 3 styles of screw down concho's, and they come in 1.5" and 1.75" sizes. Then we have the dressed up version of the back billet loops, these are also new from Horse Shoe Brand, and will be available soon. If you spend a lot of time on expensive colts, and want to know you have the best fit for thier age, then you need to be calling us, and we will make sure we measure those young prospects for you. Dont miss this chance to optimise your training program, give us a call at 559-935-2172.

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