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Here are two new Lite Ride Saddles that were built pretty recently. It has takne us a while to get the images ready, but here they are finally. Both these saddles are under 30 pounds, and yet have full saddle details, like our rawhide covered saddle trees, full rigging etc. We built our Lite Ride saddles on a modified version of the Taylor Saddle Tree. This offers the women a lighter saddle, narrow fork and seat, and a smaller saddle horn. Take a look at the saddles,and if you have interest, we can do many things with the Lite Ride that will surely appeal to you. Check out those delicate details we put on the back jockeys, a small paint pallet and a hand full of paint brushes for a special customer. The only thing stopping you from being special is that you are not a customer of OURS YET.

Each saddle is a mirror of a persons dreams and desires. We make those special moments happen right here at Jeremiah Watt Custom Saddlery and or Watt Brothers Saddlery. Here is another Lite Ride we built on the Taylor Tree. Pretty light, Pretty tough,Pretty Cool

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