Handmade saddle for clinician, Martin Black of Oregon. The saddle is built on the all time popular Wade saddle tree, and we made full use of the Lane Equine Fitting Cards when building this saddle. The saddle has a unique Inskirt rigging, hung at 3/4 position. The seat is padded with a piece of italian furniture grade soft Water Buffaloe. 3.5" tall cantle with a Cheyenne Roll, full floral carved, mixing an Oak border and wild roses thru the center. The handmade Sterling silver trim is a custom horncap with Yhanging6 brand on it, and a full set of slot conchos and stirrup bolts. If you think this saddle is cool, you should see the one we are wanting to build for you. Its time you gave us a call, and got that waiting over with, call us at 559-935-1021 or try the cell 559-355-7948

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