Heres a fine hand made Wade saddle for an Idaho cowhand. Built on a traidtional Wade tree, right here in our own tree-shop. Hermann Oak Leather was used throughout and there is none like it for carving & coloring. Toms a big fella at about 6.5", so we got plenty of fender hanging down there and balanced it all out with a nice wide stirrup. We were not to get to garrish with the carving, but make it different and interesting, so we combined a nice clean border that gets broken inot by some Poppies and Morrow Leaves. Whats that you say, watts a morrow leaf...............well, its a leaf I learned while I was in Australia teaching a class. And a bronc rider by the name of Ben Morrow showed me this leaf, and I quite liked it and so thats why you see it carved'd I do Ben. Great rig, just the kind you wnt when those brandings start, pretty enough to stand out but not so fancy your afraid to use it. Do you think its time you were riding one of our rigs, we will make it look just like you have always wanted...........go ahead, give me a call at 559-935-2172

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