Lite Ride Saddle, made for a person who placed more importance on saddle wieght than on strength for instance. Since they will not be roping heavy cattle, we can build the saddle out of lighter US hides, and also use a little younger cattle to make the rawhide for tree covering. Nothing about this saddle is flimsy, its is made to withstand years of hardriding, its just not built with the purpose of roping in mind. We have put saddle wieght, comfort for horse and rider ahead of total product strength is all. This one happens to be a full western saddle, and a wieght of sub-30 pounds. The customer wisely chose a classic narrow Oak Leaf border carve job, and we think it really sets the tone for this saddle. If you have had enough of looking at sddle pictures, and want to order a saddle for yourself, just give us a call at 559-935-2172 and we will be glad to help.

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