Saddle Hardware-Rigging


#14 FRONT FLAT PLATE RIGGINGis made of Stainless or in Bronze. The Floral version as is shown comes with a slot that requires the latigo be tapered.

#10 FLAT PLATE RIGGING this is our smooth faced version, for those folks who like a plainer look. Also available in Stainless and Bronze metals. The slot width in this version will accomodate a full latigo without taper.

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#16 Rear Flat PLate Dee is a unique approach to saddle hardware. This style of dee is held in place by 3 rivets thru the hidden inner web between top and bottom layers of the flat plate. This allows the saddle maker to have a very smooth and strong Flate PLate rig.

#12 Rear Flat Plate Dee this is the plate that matches our smooth faced version for the front of a Flat Plate Rigging. This pattern also has the tab for riveting through.

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#45 Old Time Dee this is a dee that has a bit of a retro look to it. This is a dee that has a full round bar on top to fold over, and shallower than our deep dee pattern. This Dee is only available in Stainless
1 1/4 inch
1 1/2 inch
2 inch
2 1/2 inch.
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#40 DEEP DEE this is a modern pattern or roping dee, with a round top bar and a wide smooth face. Made in Stainless only. Comes in sizes as follows:
2 1/2 inch
3 inch
3 1/2 inch
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