Here are some examples of spurs done in the past. All are SOLD.

OTB #3 SPURSA very classy pair of spurs, done on our Old Time Spur pattern #3. Sections of silver that have been overlaid and engraved, and between sections we have placed heavy sterling domed beads with stamp work designs on each.

OTB #4 SPURSThis is our second most popular pattern of spur band, the OTB#4. We have done this pair up real pretty, with heavy sections of silver that are bright cut engraved. The rowelS and bands both have file work on them.

OTB #5 SPURSThis is one of our newer band patterns in the Old Time Spur bands, and is very well recieved by the folks who enjoy a nice buckaroo type spur. We have done some file work on the nads as well as on the rowels. The band and shanks are done in heavy sterling overlay sectioNs. Claean and classy.

The Classic Santa BArbara from JWP bits & Spurs. Here is a full sterling silver overlay done with a tradtional bright cut engraving pattern. The beads around the back of the bit are an alternating pattern of silver and brass. VERY SORRY THIS BIT IS SOLD.

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