another group of very handsome silve mount bits

The Salinas cheeks shown here are done in stainless with full sterling overlays. The engraving styles are a blend of modern bright cut, along with panels of antique forms of single pointr engraving. VERY SORRY THIE BIT IS SOLD.

Yet another very nice Salinas bit, done here in full sterling overlay on stainless cheeks. The sterling cheeks have been given a set of Gold playing card suites, while the slobber bar has a set of playing dice engraved in place at the center. A Salinas mouth, one that many horses will get along with tops off a very nice ranchers or "Cow-lector's" silver mounted bit.VERY SORRY THIS BIT IS SOLD

Didn't I tell you that the Salinas cheek was one of the most popular that we do here at JWP. We find "Cow-lector's" and ranchers alike seem to take to this bit. Here is one a little different again, since we have done sterling on stainless here, with a nice bright cut engraving pattern and delicate file work on the edges in highlight areas. Very classy looking bit This bit is sold. Call 559-935-2172 for new price.

Freno Cheeks, done in sterling overlay with filagree work, along with 14K Gold beads on the bottom end of the cheeks. Very classy, but sorry it has sold.

A real nice bit handmade for a real nice fella that we met while in Germany. This is a classic line and proportion bit made with a Spade mouth. The gentleman that ordered it, has shown Reiners over here for several years, and then moved back to Germany to train and give clinics in his home country. Thanks Egan for a chance to build you a bit.


Another of the classics of California horse culture. The Santa Barbara may well be the most recognised cheek pattern ever done, and each of us bit makers try to come up with a little different twist on it but maintain the beauty of the original perspective. Here is our version, and boy howdy do we get constant comments on the final product. We have chosen a tiny scroll and accentuated rose pattern with plenty of negative space to bring out the contrast in the pattern. The entire piece has been antiqued. What a sharp looking bit for "Cow-lectors " or horsemen alike.


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