Headstall 1-Special

Headstall 1-Special

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Starting tonight 12/30/23

Headstall 1-Special is a kit from Horse Shoe Brand that offers you all the needed hardware to build a classic headstall with ferruled cheeks as shown below. You supply the leather and we supply the required HSBT hardware. We have a 10% discount per kit ordered, when buying the kit there are no substitutions-sorry.

HSBT will be posting 4 headstalls thru the month of January, all different in style, each will be offered as a complete hardware kit. This is the first offering.

Headstall-1 Special contains

#041320 Round Belting kit, you trim the pair of belting ends, the ferrules are already crimped in place, contains 2 bit end connectors as well as 2 buckle end connectors to fit 5/8 crown width.

#012518 Streamliner Centerbar Buckles to fit 1/2" throatlatch- qty 1

#030523- Gallup Concho in stainless, a classy looking concho, loop back, 2" diameter made of stainless Qty 2

The special offer price does not apply to items ordered individually.

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